Township Hub Ventures


Webwash goal and vision is to help vehicle owners and drivers by having a car wash near by, where it is reachable and affordable for everyone. They offer numerous services at a great price and services different areas of Port Elizabeth. The online service allows users to book a car wash online and have the service provided to you at a venue convenient to yourself, be it your home, office or any where as Chulu takes her business to the customer at a place and time convenient to the customer instead of the customer having to wait in queues at the carwash. Webwash offers various carwash packages structured to the needs of the customer. She aims to expand her services to include vehicle diagnostics and maintenance assessments which will provide the customer with feedback on any vehicle exterior maintenance and repairs identified. This will also enable her to link vehicle owners with reliable vehicle maintenance and aftermarket service providers.

Rebu Laundry

Rebu is an online laundry mat that aims to deliver quality and affordable laundry services for people of all ages all over the world. We care about time and we understand that time is to be valued and we want to give our customers more time to themselves by taking upon the task to do their laundry. Our 5 year plan is to own our own chains of laundromats or laundry warehouses as we would like to call it, operating strictly online and offering a wide variety of product offerings. From regular wash and fold to specialized cleaning for handbags and expensive designer shoes.


It is a mobile application that specialize in online management of affordable and convenient student accommodation and related services. It offers a convenient solution to match landlords and student tenants. Nexilis I-Donga App focus on leveraging Information and Technology to develop solutions that connect people, places and the environment. Their startups’ objective is to employ digital technology as a solution and tool that can create value for their stakeholders and users. It connects landlords and student searching for accommodation in a safe and secure environment.

Dial a brew

Our core business will be an alcohol delivery service using an application which can be installed on one’s mobile phone. Clients will be able to register their profiles on the app as well as their method of payment details, then simply login, browse for their desired product and order with delivery taking place within a certain timeframe. It is important to note that we are a merely a delivery service and do not directly stock or sell any alcohol. Clients will purchase from the service provider and we will merely facilitate the delivery thereof. Dial A Brew will provide a high quality service, to individuals, businesses and industry. Our services will also be offered to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro pole and related Government Departments.


PinpointZA is a new ICT venture developed by the team which allows you to find and discover verified tradesmen in your local area for your household or business maintenance needs. Their aim is to offer reliable maintenance and repairs solutions using smart mobile application. The product is a mobile app, namely PinpointZA which links small to medium business owners to their next client in a safe, efficient and reliable technological marketplace. Similar to the uber request based model, the app will service customers looking for local services such as gardening, removals, maintenance, electrical, plumbing repairs within their geographic areas through the use of google markers and ETA system.

Services Advocate

Services Advocate is an On-Demand-Services-App. The core of the application is basically a directory listing company that offers real-time booking or ordering in the platform. It is a platform that allows handyman, maintenance services and household cleaners to market themselves and for customers to find reliable and credible local community service providers. Services Advocate is a quick and reliable way to book household service providers. Within a couple of minutes, you can book a pre-approved cleaner or handyman for any time you'd like. It offers an instant service.

Amandla Health and Wellness

Sexual and Reproductive health videos (some will be live with a professional to allow interaction) Sexual and Reproductive health Questions and Answers bar Information on how and where to seek help for Sexual and Reproductive problems as well as those confronted or know someone facing GBV.

Smart Healthcare


Agathon is a Judo community creative services platform / online network which provides sports management resources. It offers a range of club management products, promotional tools and education services specifically designed for the Judoka sporting code. It is therefore an online sport management tool which essentially is taking paper-based sports management into an online sport management system, database and platform tool through user interface and various online functionalities.


Vuka Liquid Compost is a solution that aims to revolutionize the agricultural sector and will contribute to sustainable livelihoods and job creation. The product has gone through early stage beta testing and engagement with potential markets has indicated that this is a product which will bring about much change in the agricultural sector with focus on an alternative solution in drought areas which will also solve a host of environmental challenges, namely from waste management, to water scarcity and will create a new horizontal and vertical value chain. The solution aims to provide communities with resources, tools and processes which will contribute to economic and agricultural development for sustainable plant and animal production. The solution will transform into a business model and franchise opportunity for local farmers and producers, as well as household individuals who can generate and earn a sustainable income. In terms of business proposition, the market potential is huge, and has potential to expand and increase market share in a short period of time.

Hive Culture


Veg to You is a young start-up E-commerce company specializing in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Our aim is to make consumer shopping less strenuous by offering a wide range of groceries, fresh produce, personal hygiene and cleaning products delivered to you at the comfort of your home. To date Venturous the venture has gained trust of over 1200 users, which range from households, convenience stores and food services. As a benefit to their partners, Venturous also serves as a gateway into retail for many locally producers of products which struggle to find shelf life in some of the larger retail chain stores. Some achievements to date include: Winning the Hot Seat on Stanley pitching competition hosted by Standard Bank as well as winning the best technology business in the Eastern Cape in the entrepreneurial development in higher education competition. Venturous have progressed to represent the Eastern Cape in the national round of the entrepreneurial development in higher education in Gauteng from November 26, 2020. The venture has also been selected as part of 60 small businesses from the nine (9) provinces to take part in the SAB Foundation Tholoana two-year incubation programme.

Touch of Beauty