Rubber Nano Products treads new ground

Robert BoschRubber Nano Products (Pty) Ltd [RNP] holds technology that allows for the creation of chemically specific activators for the different major classes of accelerators used in rubber vulcanization with sulfur. These accelerator classes are based on the chemical species forming the active portion of the accelerator type.

RNP technology allows for variation of the substrate used and can create activators from almost any material used in rubber manufacture. Sulfur, silica, carbon black and even activating stearic acid are among the many possibilities. The RNP products allow for reduction and rationalization of zinc oxide and zinc content in rubber article manufacture. This is simultaneously achieved with substantial cure and productivity advantages which can also be levered as cure press temperature reduction with energy savings.

Adding the technology during the formation of rubber removes some of the heavy metal that is harmful to the environment and improves the type of rubbers formed. The behaviour of the coactivators of RNP allows for property performance that are not typical of standard ZnO rubber formulations using the standard accelerators.

The company recently received their first global approvals on shoe products and is in the process of venturing into business with some of the world's famous shoe brands, supplying them with high-quality rubber. He expects to see rapid growth within the next two years in the shoe industry.

Robert Bosch, Technical Director of RNP, was entrepreneurial from a young age and never had a vision of working for someone; he is passionate about seeing what he could do just by asking the right questions.

"Being an entrepreneur is to get out of your comfort zone and discover what makes the world tick," said Robert.

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